We’ve been within the online dating software Bumble much not too long ago and at minimum one audience realized that

We’ve been within the online dating software Bumble much not too long ago and at minimum one audience realized that

We’ve been covering the matchmaking software Bumble alot lately as well as minimum one reader pointed out that. They authored in with a question and as usually we’re pleased to attempt to answer. Practical question got a€?how to change my location in Bumble?

Although I have tried personally Bumble, I got no clue and so I was required to go exploring. All in title of science you understand!

Bumble keeps two means of determining where you stand. It utilizes the phonea€™s GPS information to automatically update the software you can also (type of) arranged location by hand. This really is typical of all smartphone programs and absolutely nothing to be concerned about. You can easily control either or these two options if you want.


Like other smartphone apps, Bumble can tap your own phonea€™s GPS place data to supply fits inside latest place. This works both available and against your. While testing Bumble, I had traveling between metropolises for something not related. We used it as an experiment observe exactly how Bumble reacted.

We enabled geolocation in Bumble and used it in my home city for some time. All fits showed up inside the distance limit of 25 kilometers that I got ready. When I traveled to another locations over 300 miles out. After restarting Bumble, they found my new place and started showing me personally matches within 25 miles of my personal existing location.

All better and great you might say. Not so much. When i acquired back I restarted Bumble therefore it would grab the fact I found myself in a new place. It did adjust location however for a couple of days later, it still showed matches from other city along with my city. After a few days, all profiles I got to read where from home but it got some time to wear down.


Unfortunately, Bumble doesn’t allow you to arrange an area through options or your own visibility. As an alternative, you need to sport the machine somewhat.

The easiest way to modify your place in Bumble should set geolocation enabled, happen to be in which you want to show up and turn fully off geolocation. This may keep recent location given that collection criteria and soon you turn off the phone or turn fully off the Bumble software. For a time, Bumble helps to keep the finally recognized place while the venue. Whenever you reset their cell or the app Bumble will attempt to discover where you stand. If GPS is turned-off, it would likely make use of your ip to try to determine what your location is.

Bumblea€™s privacy policies say:

a€?You can manage your area suggestions setup in your levels setup and change all of them down in the event that you really want to! Even though you has disabled location services, we may nevertheless identify their area, state, and country venue based on the ip (yet not your own exact area).a€™

Very turning off geolocation tryna€™t an exact technology. There are various other strategies to alter place in Bumble. You could utilize a VPN or a fake GPS application.


There are several VPN solutions available to choose from that work on a mobile. Utilizing one with a particular exit area is a good strategy to fake where you are. Choose a VPN that has an exit node during the town you should can be found in, do the installation amateurmatch price onto your telephone, connect with it right after which starting Bumble. Turn off geolocation in the application and allow it to determine where you are from the IP address.

This will bena€™t bulletproof either but works well with more than simply faking a location. Moreover it keeps the traffic safe and increases confidentiality also.


Discover expert applications both for iOS & Android that fake where you are rather convincingly. Some applications are more effective than others and none of them appear universal within software. Some applications function good on WhatsApp however on myspace or Instagram. Other people function good on Bumble although not on Tinder or any other software.

It’s going to be a matter of learning from your errors to find out just what software works in your favor. A few to try feature Fake GPS location and artificial GPS for Android and artificial gps for apple’s ios. Each operates fairly really and can fool some programs into thought you happen to be someplace else completely.

Location-based services could work obtainable and against your. Bumblea€™s area provider seems competent and precise but for those situations where you want to see matches from someplace else, you will want a tiny bit resourcefulness. I’m hoping these tricks above support.

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