Kayu is the Balinese word for wood, this being the key element of our concept.
 The idea of Kayu Gallery was intertwined during an inspirational journey to Bali, after discovering the beautiful array of unique, exotic wood pieces. Local artisans using simple tools with crafty hand work and a great deal of imagination, demonstrated their ability to transform old wood into unique rustic, modern-organic and natural designs.

Driven by our love for modern contemporary art, interior design and our innate compulsion to make things we started working with these artisans, setting us apart through our personal involvement in each and every piece of wood we fabricate. Each artwork from Kayu Gallery is the result of the dialog we have with carefully hand selected pieces followed by experimentation, high quality carpentry and hand finishing process with the utmost attention to detail.

Kayu Art  specializes in one-of-a-kind artworks and solid wood dining tables made from teak, teak root, suar, rosewood, mahogany and mengkulang wood slabs, characterized by clean designs that take full advantage of the scale and characteristics of the exotic Indonesian woods.